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Oliver is an established and successful landscape artist working exclusively in watercolour. Based in Sussex, his work is to be found in collections across the country and internationally, selling through UK galleries and online.  Oliver teaches watercolour and painting techniques through workshops, demonstrations and tutorials and is a regular contributor of articles to a range of publications. Oliver is supported by Daler Rowney and the Fila Group, working as an ambassador for their products. 


Oliver’s paintings explore the impact of light, the weather, the seasons and how these combine to achieve paintings that are evocative and full of impact. “As a landscape artist my inspiration comes from immersing myself in the outdoors – the woodland, the river estuary, the coastal paths - where light, smells, sounds, and textures all combine to deliver an outstanding sensory experience - 'atmosphere' if you like. My aim is never to just describe or illustrate a scene, rather to create a painting that communicates my experience of the place at a particular moment in time. The natural landscape in the UK is stunning and I find myself equally inspired by both the broad vistas and the intricate details, my aim being to present these to the viewer with as little abstraction as possible, hence the figurative style of my work."


Oliver also runs a successful YouTube channel, providing online tutorials, tips and techniques and documents his landscape and artistic observations through his popular blog, Our Landscape.


Oliver's originals and prints are displayed and available for purchase from the following UK galleries:

The Mulberry Tree Gallery - Swanage, Dorset

The Cove Gallery - Weymouth, Dorset

The Forest Gallery - Petworth, Sussex

Artologie - Cuckfield, Sussex

Park Gallery - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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