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Oliver started painting the landscape over 30 years ago, initially as a hobby and then professionally since 2013, developing his skills from experince, learning from what went well (and what didn't!) Always taking opportunities to learn from the landscape itself, he has developed a rich understanding of both the technical skills and creative vision required to express landscape moments in his preferred medium of watercolour. Oliver is keen to share his knowledge with those looking to begin or continue their own landscape painting journeys, with an emphasis on helping students to find their own artistic expressions and develop confidence painting in their own individual styles.

The following courses are currently available and please click on each one for further details:


Landscape Painting Retreat - Richmond, VA, USA

Staying in beautiful private cottages at The Mill at Fine Creek, you will join Oliver in the stunning landscapes near the James River, painting on location and in the studio. You will develop techniques to help you paint key landscape elements in watercolour, and learn foundational landscape lessons. We offer the option of a 3 day and a 6 day retreat.

Landscape Painting Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Staying in a beautiful private estate near Florence, you will join Oliver in the stunning Tuscan landscape, painting on location and in the studio. You will be encouraged to find inspiration from the landscape through sketching, while developing skills and techniques to help you manage the watercolour medium with confidence.    

Take Your Landscape Painting to the Next Level - Video course

Through Oliver's Patreon channel, subscribers can access exclusive teaching content, through periodic video relases. Unlike the traditional 'follow me' style of tutorials, Oliver's curriculum is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of how to paint the landscape in watercolour, allowing your own creativity to thrive.

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