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Commissioning a painting should be an engaging and rewarding process. It gives you an opportunity to work with an artist to create a piece of art that not only expresses your vision but is unique to you. Through your conversations with the artist and your involvement in the creative process the finished painting becomes a special piece of art.


There can be many reasons for commissioning a painting:  a close connection with a place for example, missing out on a painting that you saw in a gallery, memories of a holiday perhaps, or simply a gift for a special person on a special occasion. As a landscape artist it is almost inevitable that the works I am commissioned to paint include the countryside, the coast or sometimes the city, but I am interested in hearing from you too, should your ideas fall outside the traditional landscape genre. 


Not all artists are comfortable taking commissions, however I find the process to be challenging and worthwhile, so if you would like to discuss a commission, then please download the brochure below to give you a little more colour regarding the process and what to expect, and contact me here with your ideas and contact details and I will be in touch to discuss parameters, pricing and process.

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