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7 Day Retreat - 31st January to 7th February, 2024

Painting the landscape in winter just seems to be the perfect activity for the watercolour painter; the delicate, transparent quality of the paint, the muted colour palette and the soft seasonal light combine to create wonderful opportunities for studying the landscape and how to make the most of the medium’s characteristics.
The landscape comprises many elements, but there are several that repeatedly arise, presenting the watercolour painter with a range of different challenges. Over the course of the week’s retreat, Olly will help you to better understand the role that these elements play in landscape art, helping you to develop skills for painting them through studies, exercises, tips and techniques, and of course,  the sketches and paintings that you will make.
These fundamental landscape elements are arranged into six subject areas:
- Skies
- Trees & foliage
- Foregrounds
- Water & reflections
- Rocks & buildings
- Vistas & open spaces
Each subject will be considered and taught in the context of three central themes that will inform all aspects of our work during the week, that Olly will demonstrate at the outset:
Developing the art of ‘Landscape Looking’
Understanding how to capture depth in your work
Establishing a Painting Strategy
Planning your painting, looking ahead at your wash sequences, managing the edges of shapes and washes
Managing Detail
When and where to include detail in your work and how to simplify complex subjects
The six subjects will be woven into a program of painting and sketching, on location and in the studio, at the beautiful Mill at Fine Creek near the James River in Virginia, where Olly will be continually on-hand to provide you with one-to-one advice and guidance. It will be impossible not to be inspired by the stunning landscapes, and combined with the welcoming luxury of our accommodation at The Mill, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect environment for enjoying both craft and company. In addition to the painting course, our friends at The Mill have kindly offered to provide some evening activities - tasting session at the brewery, pastry/cooking skills, flower arrangement for painting etc.)

Prices are from $2,950 per person, to include:-
- 7 nights' stay in your private cottage at The Mill at Fine Creek

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the stay at The Mill (including the restaurant at the family-run Fine Creek Brewery.)
- Group and individual tuition from Oliver

Your travel to the Mill is not included in the price.
Painting equipment is not included in the price, but Oliver will provide a recommended equipment list ahead of the retreat.

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