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"I'll Be There In Five.....!"

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

You are walking north from Piccadilly to Curzon Street and find yourself among a small network of narrow side-streets - home to interesting boutiques, independent restaurants, and charming Victorian pubs. You are in Shepherd Market.

In the heart of Mayfair, it is an area that offers something of a respite from the noise, busyness and organised chaos of central London. Those looking for lunch will soon realise that East meets West - the proximity of the Saudi embassy may have something to do with that - and you may be tempted by some light meze at Sofra or indeed a nice piece of Dover Sole at Kitty Fisher's. For me, it is always hard to look past an authentic pizza from Da Corradi, an old-school trattoria just on the corner. This scene is taken from one of the tables outside, as always, kept level by a folded menu placed judiciously under one leg! Waiting for our orders to arrive, I couldn't help noticing how the light fell between the buildings, illuminating Ye Grapes, casting deep shadows into the side streets - a strong contrast with the punters enjoying a late lunchtime pint.

Next time you are in London and want to try somewhere a little different make sure Shepherd market is on your short list. You don't have to be negotiating a shipping contract, establishing a hedge fund or reviewing an investment portfolio........just go and have a bite to eat!

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