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Painting the Landscape in Watercolour Video Tutorial

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Writing a landscape blog isn't quite as easy as it was a month ago. Global events and consequent policies have meant that access to our wonderful outdoor spaces is limited for the present time. In some ways though, perhaps there has not been a more important time to keep writing and painting, and that's exactly what I intend to do over the coming weeks. I love being in the landscape, walking, sketching, painting, thinking, but now is the time to be in the studio, surrounded by sketch pads and reference photos. I'll be blowing the dust off long-neglected projects and looking at the detail of the landscape, instead of the expansive views that may no longer be quite so accessible. If I am able to bring some of the outdoors to those of you who are indoors then it will be my pleasure. Sketching and painting allows me to continue experiencing the aesthetics, even though the fresh air itself may be more scarce, and I trust you will find the forthcoming paintings, sketches and writing to be just a little contribution to the many positive initiatives that have already begun.

One of the ways I hope to keep you engaged with our beautiful countryside, coasts and cities is to give you a different perspective into the inspiration behind my work and challenges that are involved in creating it - through the camera lens. Before C-19 visited our shores I had intended to release this video tutorial, and the following 10 under paid subscription. However, I'm very aware that all of a sudden we are finding the days are starting to drag, and becoming a little harder to fill (you don't want to finish Netflix on week 2!) and of course cash is not so readily available. To help out I have brought the schedule forward and hope to release these tutorials quickly, and at no cost to you. I love being outdoors, sketching and painting the landscape, and being kept away from it to a great extent is very difficult for me. However, being able to paint in the studio and share some of these techniques with you is a fun replacement, and if I can persuade and inspire you to try something new, pick up a brush for the first time perhaps, then I hope you will be able to find much enjoyment from learning a new skill and passtime. If you are an existing painter then I hope that you discover new insights to help and inspire you, or revive an old hobby perhaps. You can stay in touch through the blog, or my Facebook and Twitter accounts and I'd love to hear from you with any ideas and contributions.

If you're interested in having a go yourself over the next few weeks then just give me a shout if you need any tips on the equipment you'll need. I will be doing a tutorial to cover this shortly, but please get in touch in the meantime should eagerness/boredom get the better of you!

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3 Σχόλια

03 Δεκ 2023

Hello! It would be cool if you add subtitles to your video, as an option, I can suggest using what I use for video editing - In my opinion, you can do this without any problems!

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Erik Salvesen
Erik Salvesen
07 Δεκ 2022

Olly, I'm reading up on your captivating blog, and have so far thoroughly enjoyed your posts about painting the landscape, all the way from London to Swanage, via the fantastic Winter Hawthorn in Ashdown Forest, to Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters. The sketch and painting of the Wind and Waves in Swanage are truly inspiring, as is the post on the beauty of sketching. They describe the need to understand the landscape you're painting in a way that I've never come across before.

And suddenly, with the previous post and this one in mind, I'm rocketed back a couple of years in time, back to the start of C-19. My wife and I visited London at the beginning of…

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That is a lovely video and I look forward to seeing more. I really like your style of painting. Greetings from Co Clare in the west of Ireland.

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