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The Warm Glow Of Evening, Durdle Door

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There are few views in Dorset, even the UK perhaps, that are as instantly recognisable as Durdle Door. A rugged, intriguing arch, hewn from the limestone over millennia by Neptune's relentless stone masons.

This particular view is pleasant and amusing in equal measure.

Take the coast path West toward Bat's Head. Just a short stroll then stop before your reach Scratchy Bottom. That's right - 'reach' Scratchy Bottom, not 'before you start to suffer from......!" Or indeed not 'before you reach for Scratchy Bottom!' This curiously named hollow is one of several in a list of childish, snigger-inducing British place names. I will not indulge you any further - look them up at your leisure.

Cast your eye back along the coast and this vista unfolds in front of you. Opt for a low perspective and invariably you will include some interesting, often pretty, foreground growth - in this case thistles - to frame the view and redeem the chaos of the nearest cliff face. Years of erosion, tectonic buckling, and mudslides scarring and streaking the landscape like cheap mascara at an emotional wedding.

Oh, a word of caution should you take this walk; do enjoy the view, but be mindful that it can be a little windy there!!

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