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Video - Brushstrokes and Their Effects

A little something for the weekend..........

Head over to the video page if your interested in a demonstration of me painting this simple estuary scene. It's a little longer than the previous ones, but it will give you an insight into the brushes I use, the strokes and marks that allow me to create different effects in my paintings and hopefully the demo will also give you additional tips to help you with your own landscape paintings.

It is fair to say that the weather here in the South of England has been doing its level best to encourage everyone to remain indoors recently, and so I have been focussing on building up some more work to keep the wonderful galleries that represent me nicely stocked-up. I'm sure there will be a chance to break out next week; I'm looking forward to bringing you further landscape experiences as workloads and weather permit. Just to keep things ticking over, here are couple of new paintings that are heading off to Weymouth for the Cove Gallery, situated on the charming old harbour. If you're interested in either (or both!) please feel free to contact either Paul or Geraldine at the gallery -

Keep well everyone, and stay positive. If everything starts to become very dark, wintery and emotionally locked-down then dig out some paper and a pen and have a scribble - anything will do, but you may find it more relaxing than you think!

Sea Spray at Portland Bill

50cm x 34cm Saunders Waterford 200lb Rough

Coastal Vista, near Ringstead

50cm x 34cm Saunders Waterford 200lb Rough

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